About Us

Pizza Capers was founded in 1996 in the belief that there was a need to develop something different; great tasting, value-for-money, take-away pizzas made using only the highest quality ingredients! At Pizza Capers we pride ourselves on making quality food with fresh ingredients that not only exemplify flavour sensations, but also provide a gourmet experience. By being one of the first players in the pizza market to produce take-away gourmet pizzas, in stark contrast to others, we deliver convenience without compromise and with this in mind, we opened the very first Pizza Capers store in Brisbane, Queensland.

For over a decade Pizza Capers has been true to its brand heritage to...Gourmet the Everyday!

Since those beginnings, today, we still hold true to our foundations. Our product is our passion. Nowhere in the industry will you find a menu as thoughtfully developed. Our ingredients are rigorously monitored and taste tested. As a result of our huge passion for all things pizza, we've created a menu that simply cannot be matched by our competitors in quality, taste and variety.

Our entire menu includes gourmet pizzas, pastas, salads, sides, breads and desserts offers something to tempt the taste buds of each and every member of the family.

All the ingredients on the Pizza Capers menu are individually sourced to ensure they are the absolute highest quality, regardless of geographical barriers.

Our dough is made on site using fresh yeast, our aioli is made using fresh eggs, we roast our own vine ripened tomatoes - we could go on and on. Some might call this extravagant; we call it absolutely necessary, which helps us ensure our customers enjoy the most delicious meal possible on every single visit.


The year was 1996 and at the time the convenience food market was overflowing with cheap and nasty 'junk' food. There was a real need for change, and it came from the relaxed and leafy suburb of Kenmore in Brisbane's west - the location of the very first Pizza Capers kitchen.

The Pizza Capers founders, Anthony and Scott wanted to give the people of Brisbane the chance to enjoy an interesting and varied menu, with pizza made using only fresh restaurant quality and wholesome ingredients.

It was a hit. We were a standout, and as word spread the store got busy... Really busy.

After the first year in market a second store was opened in the inner Brisbane suburb of Toowong. Just like our first kitchen in Kenmore, the Toowong store struck a similar chord with the locals. For the next few years Anthony and Scott knuckled down and further developed the menu, concepts and systems. By 2002, with solid foundations built, they added more stores to the growing family and as 2005 came around there were a dozen kitchens under the Pizza Capers flag. 2005 was also an exciting moment for all those involved and an important milestone for the Pizza Capers brand. With demand and popularity for our pizzas continuing to grow, we welcomed our first franchisees to help open more stores to satisfy the many mouths wanting Capers. With this solid foundation in place, Pizza Capers continued to grow steadily expanding across Queensland and into other states. In 2012, with increased franchise outlets and solid growth plans in place, Pizza Capers became part of the Retail Food Group franchise family.


Pizza Capers is part of Retail Food Group, a leader in brand and franchise systems and with several market leaders under their stewardship that are well known household names. www.rfg.com.au